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Ever wonder what all Google knows about you? The answer is, everything.
Keep in mind that this image is not from a GPS tracking app. I didn't have any app running to track my movements. This is what Google does all the time, every day. It's cool and scary all at the same time.

I picked a random day from a vacation we took earlier this year. You can see everywhere I went that day. It evens knows the difference between walking and driving.

If you have a Google account and are an Android user, you can go to Google Maps and the click on the menu and go to "your timeline".

That's just the start. Go to and check that out. It knows all.

Fun times working on a logo for a new project.
Working on a new tune. Not much more than a verse and chorus, but it's something
Fun Run in the Sun. 100 degrees make for a slow 3 miler.
My first run in double digits. Oh boy, it was hot.

Yes, my pool is about as low-rent as it gets, but I was one cooled-off white trash honky mofo. Hate all you want.
Cheap delay pedal - did I get what I paid for?
So I bought this cool little Donner delay pedal. It's super small, but very sturdy. It was also very cheap, around $35. I wanted a no-frills small pedal and the YouTube videos made it sound good, and the reviews were mostly good. The only knock was that a couple of people wrote reviews saying the "click" sound was very loud. Others specifically said that the pedal they purchased was not particularly loud when you stepped on it. So, I took the plunge.

Well, sure enough, that sucker is loud. When you step on it and click, the sound is way louder than my other pedals which look to have the same standard on/off switch. I don't know what it is about this one, but it's annoyingly loud.

It's so loud that I think with softer parts of some of my songs, and the small clubs we play, that the audience will hear the click from the stage. It's that loud.

I guess I'm going to return it. I wish I could just replace the switch. I kind of looked into that, and I can buy a switch for a couple of bucks, but I'm not so sure about my soldering skill.

I have another cheap Behringer delay pedal that was about the same price, and although the click is not loud, the thing is made out of plastic and it just seems like it's made like crap. The Bonner is really sturdy with a metal case.

Birthday at White Rock lake
Tue 1-12-16

I took the day off and spent it at White Rock Lake. The lake is always busy, but it's relatively calm on Tuesday. The weather was a bit cool, but not too bad at all.

For my 50th birthday I had set a goal for a 5.0 mile run, 50 push ups, and a 50 mile bike ride.

I went for a nice 5 miles run. I felt good and the temp was perfect for running.

I knocked out the 50 push ups.

The Ride
I haven't rode for any significant distant in a long time. It's probably been 3 years since I've gone over 10-15 miles. I ride my mountain bike from time to time, but those are usually short distances. I do ride a few miles on the stationary bike at the gym, but that is usually only 5 miles at a time. So this will be interesting.

It's right about 10 miles around White Rock Lake. On my first lap and was about 7-8 miles in and I came to the split in the trail where you can take the Santa Fe Trail to Deep Ellum. So I jumped on the Sante Fe Trail and made my way towards downtown. It was very cool. It took you through a few sketchy neighborhoods, but it was a nice trail with some interesting scenery.

The trail hits a "T" so I took a left. This trail ended very soon, so I turned around and took the other trail which ended at Elm Street and Exposition, right across from Sons of Herman Hall. I took the sidewalk down towards Trees, Da Da, etc. I was so cool that I could get down there that quickly. I looked around a bit, and turned around and headed back to White Rock.

I got back on the trail around the lake and made it back to my car at around 20 miles in. At this point
my back, butt, neck, feet, etc. were starting to yell at me. I was about to throw up the white flag. I rested a few minutes and then decided to go for one more lap.

I made it another lap, but that's all I had in me. So 30 miles is where it ended. It was a good ride, but 50 wasn't going to happen.

All in all it was a good day at the lake and I felt good about it all. I will be sore, but not too bad for being a half a century old.
Haven't bought a magazine off the shelf in years. When did they get to $30? This book was only $25
Another Beatles book - Beatles Gear
I got a new Beatles book for Christmas, "Beatles Gear". It's a very cool. It's an exhaustive look at all of the Beatles guitars, amps, and drums. It is very fascinating.

Amazon Cloud - the jury is still out
I've been using Amazon Cloud now for a few months. I am using it strictly for backup purposes. I was using Amazon S3, but the unlimited space for $60 a year is about half I am paying for the S3 account.

The problem is that the interface is really terrible. You can login using existing Amazon un/pw, which is great. You can go to and start dragging and dropping files, which is also great. You can also install the desktop app, but if you upload file using that, it puts the files in the rooter directory. I can't figure out a way to put files in specific locations using the desktop app. You can go back and move them at, but web interface is really bad.

It's all because the web interface is so unresponsive at times. You click on a directory and you wait a few seconds for it to go to that location, or if you create a folder, you wait. Yes, it's only seconds, but those seconds add up.

Sometimes if I am uploading a lot of files, it will become completely unresponsive. I will click on a directory that I know has files in it, and it shows nothing. Sometimes I can refresh the page and they show up, but other times I just can't get it to load the files. Because of all of this, it is taking me weeks to get on my files up there. Yes, I have a TB+ worth of files, but the pitch is "unlimited".

I want to use this to backup my ext hard drive, and do this frequently to back up new and new versions of files. I use "Beyond Compare" to sync my hard drive with another back up HD, but now I want this same functionality in the cloud, so that's why I went to Amazon Cloud.

I am using NetDrive to load my Amazon Cloud account as a drive on my PC, and then I use Beyond Compare to compare my HD with my Amazon Cloud drive. This works, in theory, but NetDrive will always disconnect with Amazon after a while. I would say this is a NetDrive issue, but my experience with Amazon Cloud tells me that it is the weak link.

Once I have everything backed up I will reevaluate. I have well over a TB to get up there, and I'm only half way. It's a long process. I wish I could just get it all uploading and wake up the next day with it done, but that doesn't seem to be an option.
Saints win, but it's been a rough year. And attention...Brees is not done.
The Saints beat the Jags today. It was a classic Brees-era Saints game. The offense put up huge numbers, and the defense gave up huge numbers. Ironically, the D did have two turnovers, so they stopped the Jags from making it close.

Brees was pretty much perfect. He just about had a 70% completion rate with 400+ yards passing and 3 TDs. This dude still has it.

The Brees era is winding down, but he is clearly not done. He might only have a year or two left to play at this level, but that level is Hall-of-Fame caliber, so please get a defense. Please.


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