Dynamic Sender Profile

Dynamic Sender Profile

You can use personalization in your Sender Profile. You can’t use AMPscript that is set in your email template because the Sender Profile is read before the email template. You can use a content area, as that is read before the Sender Profile.

Create a dynamic sender profile and use the AMPscript function “ContentAreaByName” to pull in the content.

 %%=ContentAreaByName("my contents\From_Name_TTT")=%%

In the content area, you can use the variable print function to display your AMPscript rendered content.

SET @CLINIC_NAME = LOOKUP("The Name of the data ext","CLINIC_NAME","subscriber key",_subscriberkey)
SET @DOMAIN = '@yomamma.com'
SET @From_Email = Concat(@CLINIC_NAME,@DOMAIN) 


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