AmpScript external content

External Content: %%httpget “”%% %%httpget “[FIRST_NAME].txt”%% %%=GetPortfolioItem(“example.gif”)=%% %%=ContentArea(“24642”)=%% %%=Image(“joescrabshack”,”DefaultImage”)=%% %%=treatascontent(HTTPGet(“”))=%% Set @content = HTTPGet(“”) Thank you for reading!

AmpScript – replace special characters

Problem:I had content being inserted by personalization ( %%CONTENT%%) into the body of an email. The content at times contained some special characters like em-dashes and en-dashes, and those characters don’t always render properly in some email clients. The solution was to look for those characters and REPLACE them with their HTML entity. First, create a varible.VAR @contentThen set the variable to the value … Continue reading AmpScript – replace special characters

ExactTarget AmpScript – Output (render to page)

Output (render to page): %%[ Output(“Hello World!”)) ]%% ———- Output a variable: %%[ var @PERSONALIZATION_ASSET_02 Set @PERSONALIZATION_ASSET_02 = Output(v(@url)) ]%% ———- Output and Concat: %%[ var @logo Set @logo = nav_logo.jpg Output(Concat(“<img src=”,@logo,”>”)) ]%% Thank you for reading!

ExactTarget AmpScript – External Content

External Content: %%httpget “”%% %%httpget “[FIRST_NAME].txt”%% %%=GetPortfolioItem(“example.gif”)=%% %%=ContentArea(“24642”)=%% %%=Image(“joescrabshack”,”DefaultImage”)=%% %%=treatascontent(HTTPGet(“”))=%% Thank you for reading!