Marketers Can’t Wait to Use AMP for Email, But Here’s What Will Be Holding Them Back

You would think I would be more excited about this, as it’s a new technology for email, which doesn’t come along very often, but I feel this could be the Flash of email. It’s starts out cool, but in the end is causes more problems than it solves.

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HTML5 DCM (DoubleClick) banners

I had my first taste of HTML5 banners recently. These were specifically going to DCM (DoubleClick), and here is some info and resources for building and submitting banners to DCM.

  • Each creative must be a zip
  • No zips inside zips
  • The backup static must be outside the zip and sent at same time
  • There can’t be a “Thumbs.db” or “notes” files in the zip otherwise it won’t upload into DCM
  • If there are URLs in the .html file they must all be secure (https)
  • Zip must have 100 asset files or less
  • Only these types are allowed as anything else such as font files will result in not letting you upload – HTML, HTM, JS, CSS, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, JSON, XML, and SVG
  • DCM ClickTag must be functional – see attached doc
  • **IMPORTANT** Before you send to _____, please test your creatives by unzipping the HTML5 creative and opening the .html in ALL main browsers (Firefox, IE, Chrome) – Please QA for loops, mouse-over, clicktag etc


Below are additional links for reading on HTML5 and HTML5 in DCM.

Google DCM Validator



DCM -About HTML5


DCM -HTML5 Build Guide


DCM -Prepare non-rich HTML5 assets for DCM


HTML5 Click Tag implementation

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