Why I DON’T hate Dreamweaver

For the most part, I don’t use Dreamweaver as a code generator or design tool. I used it to write and edit code.

These are the things I like about it. If another IDE does all this better, then I am open for changing. I have tried notepad++, sublime text, brackets, etc. and haven’t seen one that has all of these features.

  • When opening a file, it also opens all included/linked files in tabs. (CSS, JS, etc.)
  • It will render PHP includes in the code view. This is helpful when working locally with static files (not on a server).
  • color coded code
  • predictive text
  • insert HTML (table, img, etc.), PHP (includes, form variables, special characters (reg, copy, etc)
  • design view. Select element in design view and it shows DOM hierarchy, and you can go to code view and selection stays.
  • built in validator
  • find-replace
  • warns of unclosed tags
  • built in FTP
  • great built-in templates
  • works with SASS

These are some of the “cons”, and reasons people say they hate Dreamweaver:

“DW sucks big time. Sublime Text is much better.”
There’s a lot of these type of comments out there. No specifics, just “it sucks”, and what they are using is better. DW is for beginners, and REAL devs use blah, blah.

“Notepadd+ is much faster (is free) and don’t eat a lot of resources.”
This might be true, as Notepad++ is a small program and uses less RAM and other computing resources. But, it does much less too, so if a lot of the features I listed do not apply to you, then why use DW. I get that.

Dreamweaver is expensive compared to other IDEs. That is true. But that’s not what I care about, as DW is part of the Adobe suite, and I have it, and every place I’ve ever worked has it.

“Dreamweaver generates terrible code”
I don’t use it to generate code, for the most part. When I do use the tools to generate code, it is completely compliant clean code. I don’t know why people keep saying this. Many years ago I use to use DW to create JS for rollovers and other functions, so maybe for stuff like that the code is terrible, but I use it to help me write and organize code faster and easier than it would be for me to write it in a simple text editor. For that purpose, it works great. See my list above.

Thank you for reading!

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